The Revolutionary Stand-by Feature of iOS 17 and Its Synergy with iRing’s Innovation

The Revolutionary Stand-by Feature of iOS 17 and Its Synergy with iRing’s Innovation

The recently introduced iOS 17 update from Apple comes with a plethora of improvements, but the Stand-by mode truly stands out. Paired with the innovative features of iRing®, the potential of your iPhone is elevated even further.

Diving Deep into the "Stand-by" Feature of iOS 17

iOS 17’s "stand-by" mode is activated as soon as you connect your iPhone to its charger. When this happens, and you lay your iPhone on its side, the device morphs into a dynamic display, designed to be viewed from a distance. It’s the perfect nighttime clock or a useful additional screen throughout your workday.

iRing®: The Magic in a Simple Twist

Thanks to the unique D-Cut design of the ring, you can effortlessly position your iPhone on its side. Your iRing® thus transitions from a convenient and secure grip, preventing potential drops of your valuable iPhone, to a stable stand allowing you to safely set your iPhone on its side. This becomes even more useful knowing you need to place your iPhone on its side to activate the Stand-By mode.

MagSafe and iRing® Mag: The Perfect Pair

Remove your iRing® Mag from the back of your iPhone and attach it to your Apple MagSafe charger. In an instant, you transform the charger into a convenient "charging stand." Place your iPhone against the MagSafe charger and the Stand-By mode is instantly activated. Within moments, you've turned your iPhone into the most stylish – and yes, perhaps your most expensive – alarm clock ever. During the day, you can equally make use of this setup, whether you want to view your calendar, clock, or notifications. With this combination, your iPhone works more efficiently for you, without demanding extra effort on your part.


The stand-by feature in iOS 17, combined with the functionality of iRing®, highlights how subtle technological advancements can shift and enrich the way we interact with our devices. With the merger of your iPhone and iRing®, you experience a revitalized blend of convenience and aesthetics. Apple has repeatedly disrupted the market, and now it once again transforms our perception – this time, of the conventional alarm clock.