Can I use iRing® on all types of smartphones?

iRing® works with almost any phone or device. All you need is a smooth, solid area to stick the iRing® on, either on the back of the device or on your case. It might not stick to some silicone, glass-back, or highly textured cases.

How many times can I re-stick my iRing®?

You can rinse your sticky gel with water if it gets dirty and loses its sticking power. Let it completely dry but don't leave it unattached to a surface for more than an hour or it might lose its power forever.

Can iRing® be used on a tablet PC?

iRing® can withstand up to 13lb depending on their surface condition, but we would like to say that iRing® is the best product for a smartphone, not a tablet PC. Thus, it may be difficult to say of convenience and adhesion when used on a tablet PC; however, It is available as an auxiliary device on small tablet PCs such as 7.9 inches.(ipad mini). We will release a new version of iRing® for the tablet PC.

How do I remove iRing® from my phone?

To detach the iRing®, lift from one corner slowly. If you're having a really hard time with your iRing®, using a plastic knife or spoon is a great way to take it off. Gently slide the plastic cutlery under your iRing® and pull upwards.

Does iRing® leave any residue when it’s removed from the phone?

The special iRing® adhesive doesn’t leave any residue or damage on your phone or cases. But It may damage rubber and leather-based cases.

Where should I place the iRing® on a smartphone?

The BEST location is on the back of your phone, towards the lower half of the phone, on whichever side your dominant hand is facing you. We recommend using iRing® in the middle finger position when you grab a cell phone. Or you can always reuse the iRing® after wash it.

Is wireless charging available after the iRing® attached?

It is not possible if you attached iRing® on the middle of the smart phone. iRing® cannot meet the range/distance in their charging capabilities.

Can other imitations be compatible with iRing® Hook or Dock?

No. We do not guarantee compatibility with iRing® Hook and Dock.

Can Hook and Dock adhesives be reusable?

No. 3M adhesives are used for hook and dock adhesives and cannot be reused. However, replacements can be purchased from the iRing®shop.

The adhesive of hook and dock don't stick well. What is the reason?

The 3M adhesive of hook and dock is strong. You can attach most of the flat surfaces, such as walls, mirrors, and car dashboards. However, adhesives do not work well in areas where leather, cloth, curves, textured areas and not flat surfaces.

If leather wax is applied, please wash the area to be attached before applying.